How to Make Penis Bigger with No Pills

How to Make Penis Bigger with No Pills

If you need a larger penis; you are not alone. A majority of men are not contented with their size down there. A research study shows that at least 45% of men aren’t satisfied with their penile size.

Science and innovation have provided a myriad of options to make one’s manhood larger. Some of these options have a higher risk than others.

We scaled the market for you to make a detailed report on options available for you and their safety standards.

There are many ways to make your “little man” bigger. We sampled the most common and frequently used by men. These methods of penis extension include Penis Extenders, Surgery, Pills, Penis Pumps, Herbs, and Vitamins.

1. Surgical Methods

Surgical methods for penile enlargement come with serious risks if done by inexperienced surgeons. Complications could include loss of sensation, infections, among others.

These surgical methods also involve high costs which don’t guarantee safety. Anything could go wrong.

We would strongly advise against cosmetic penile surgery if it wouldn’t affect your health if not done.

There are many other penile enlargement methods that involve higher safety standards like penis extenders.

2. Penis Extenders

Penis extenders are a safer option compared to surgery and other penile extension methods. Research has shown that penile extenders can increase both the length and girth of a penis if used appropriately over a period of time.

Penis extenders are a proven method of penis extension for over a decade now. They will increase the penis size by over a third of the original size when used for about six months.

If you are looking for instant gratification, this isn’t it. You will have to be consistent and patient when using this method.

There are many penis extenders in the market today, however, not all are as effective as we expect. Some of the most trusted penis extenders in the market today include:

Jelqing Exercises

There is no evidence supporting or opposing jelqing exercises as a penile extension method. These exercises have been around for a while and thus can’t be dismissed just yet.

Jelqing exercises are similar to massage hence categorized as safe since they aren’t invasive at all. They also don’t require any sort of equipment.

The exercises involve the routine and coordinated movement of the penis using your hand. These exercises also require consistency and patience for any result to be noticeable.

Vacuum Pumps

There are allegations that vacuum pumps can make a penis larger. However, research shows that they can only make the penis bigger temporarily when they draw blood into the elastic tissues of the penis making it swell.

The swelling later returns to the former size once the penis has recovered.

However, it’s prudent to note that vacuum pumps can be used to treat erectile dysfunction when used appropriately. If used repeatedly without caution, the device can damage the elastic tissues which will subsequently lead to erections being less firm.

Pills and Lotions (Herbs and Vitamins)

There are multiple pills and lotions in the market today claiming to increase the size of a penis. These pills and lotions claim to have special types of herbs and vitamins that can trigger the growth of a penis.

However, there is no research evidence that these pills and lotions can work as they claim.

How to Make Your Dick Bigger Without Pills

There are many ways to increase the size of your penis without using any pills. These pills aren’t proven to increase the size of a penis while some could even contain harmful components and hormones.

Instead of taking such a risk as taking pills which could have negative effects on you, it’s better to invest your time and resources in proven methods such as penis extenders.

How to Make Girth Bigger

Wondering how to make your girth bigger? Ladies can attest to the fact that the girth, as well as the length of a penis, could increase pleasure during intimacy. Therefore, it’s the dream of many men to have that log-thick girth.

Increasing the girth is no longer rocket science. Penis extenders are known to increase up to a third of the original size after consistent use over time. 

How to Get a Bigger Dick

Penis Extenders can’t be sold to minors under the age of 18. However, if a guardian or a parent diagnoses their kid with the micro-penis condition, maybe they could find a solution before the condition escalates.

The parent/guardian could therefore find out how to grow a bigger dick without pills. Pills aren’t a proven remedy to micropenises and couldn’t be an option, especially for a minor. Penis extenders such as Jes Extender and Sizegenetics could be used even by minors under the supervision of an adult.

Herbs to Make Penis Bigger

There are no proven oils, herbs nor vitamins that are proven to enlarge the size of a penis. Multiple pills and lotions in the market claim to increase the size of a penis but none has proven through research-based evidence.

You will meet multiple products in the market claiming to have a special herb or vitamin to catapult the growth of your manhood. Be wary of these products since some of them are in fact harmful to your body since they aren’t properly researched.

Bottom Line

We are firm advocates of research-based evidence. If a product doesn’t have backing evidence to show how it can increase the size of your penis, then it’s a No! No!

No research has proven pills, herbs, nor vitamins to have any effect on the growth of a penis. On the same breath, research has shown tangible evidence that penile extenders can increase the size of your penis for more than a third of the original size.

We, therefore, encourage anyone with the interest to increase their penile size to consider penile extenders as opposed to surgery, vacuum pumps, pills, and lotions of all sorts.

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