Male Edge Review

Male Edge Review: Does It Really Work?

Men might not openly confess but deep within, many of them lack confidence with their size ‘down there’.

Having a sufficient ‘small guy’ comes with some level of confidence especially in one’s relationship.

However, there is no need for alarm since this condition is rectifiable by the help of the Male Edge penile extender. Other penile extenders include Jes Extender and SizeGenetics.

What is Male Edge Penile Extender?

Male Edge penile extender is a device that aids men in increasing their penile size. Male Edge uses the traction process to increase the size of a penis naturally.

The traction process of increasing the penile size utilizes the natural divide and multiply the process of body tissue. The process starts with a gentle and painless action of pulling body cells apart where they rupture and divide. While at rest, the divided cells heal and hence multiply leading to a gain in size over time.

Penile growth by the traction process is slow but natural and thus safe. The use of penis extenders, therefore, becomes the safest method of penile growth. Penis Extenders are a perfect substitute for surgery and the use of pills.

Surgery for penile enlargement is prone to complications and could lead to irreversible results. Pills also take advantage of hormones that could also backfire on anyone. The only natural penile enlargement method, therefore, remains to be penile extenders such as Male Edge.

Male Edge Pros

  • Doesn’t cause any sort of allergic reactions
  • Can’t cause erectile dysfunction
  • Doesn’t cause any pain during use when used appropriately and if it does see a doctor immediately
  • A perfect substitute for pills and surgery

Male Edge Cons

  • The gains are slow and could take up to 3 months to see any noticeable changes
  • The price is relatively high

How to Use Male Edge Penis Extender

Male Edge penis extender can deliver your dream size when put to appropriate use. According to, the average penis size is 5.16 inches. However, you don’t have to be average forever. Try out Male Edge for excellent results.

Male Edge uses the traction process to help you gain penile size naturally. Natural size gains are permanent and safe.

All Male Edge penis extenders are sold with instructional video access that explains in detail how to correctly use the device for optimum results. The detailed video expounds on how the traction process works to increase the size of your penis. It also guides first users on how to wear the device and make the most out of it.


To activate the traction process, Male Edge exerts a comfortable amount of pressure by slightly pulling the penis’ tip while supporting itself on the penis base as shown in the instructional video.

The amount of pressure to stretch the penis is adjustable and you should only apply a comfortable amount. If any discomfort is felt, you should immediately reduce the traction or stop the process first.

The device should be worn for several hours daily and several months for you to start noticing penile growth results. If you are consistent and doing it right then the magic will finally happen; imagine doubling your current penile size.

Depending on your dedication to the penile growth program, everyone has different results. However, results are a guarantee if you decide to begin the program.

Most men attain great lengths but all of them will tell you one thing; it takes lots of patience. Results can’t be realized overnight. The traction process is slow but sure. It can take up to six months to add a couple of inches. Nevertheless, it’s much safer than other methods that promise instant gratification. For instance, surgery and pills are prone to complications.

Male Edge Penis Extender Results

Once a customer buys Male Edge, there is an optional online diary where they can register their progress daily. Some of these clients approve the use of their ‘before and after’ data to plot the extender’s efficiency. This data continues to affirm Male Edge’s efficiency.

Who Can Use Male Edge?

Male Edge can be used by all men aged above 18 years old. 18 years is the average age of being an adult in many countries and territories around the world.

Increasing your dick’s size is a personal affair. No one else has to know about it. Male Edge can help you attain your ideal size on your own at home. Once you place an order, the delivery is swift no matter your location.

Male Edge can is also ideal in treating Peyronie’s disease and chordee. If your penis is bent or has a curvature, Male Edge is your solution to gaining your manhood once more.

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