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5 Inch Penis: Just the Right Size or Below Average?

If you have a 5-inch penis, there is nothing wrong with you.

The average penis size around the world is between 5-6 inches. The penis size doesn’t have to bother you that much as one can still satisfy a woman with 5 inches and even smaller. As you will discover further in this article, there is much more to sex than the size of your dick.

The good news is that it’s possible to safely add to the size of your penis. There are proven methods that can help you attain your ideal size. Penis Extenders have been used for a long time and have proven to be the only safe way to increase the size of your manhood. Examples of penis extenders include Size geneticsJes extender, and Male edge.

According to Huffpost.com, only 15% of men have a penis larger than 7 inches. The majority 85% have below 7 inches with a majority of them having an average size of 5 inches. This means that if you have a 5 inches penis, you should know that you have the majority size. This means that 5 inches are just but the normal size of an erect penis for most men.

A study published on the Wiley Online Library revealed that only 2% of men have a penile size larger than 8 inches. This means that a majority of men have a penis smaller than 6 inches.

The Huffing Post journal eludes that having a 5-inch penis is more of a blessing than the curse many men think it brings. They argue that the human species has evolved over time and so has the penis. If the 5-inch penile size wasn’t enough, the average penis size would have been higher to function optimally.

A smaller penis has more advantages than a humongous one. First, a smaller penis has no penetration issues. Penetrative sex with a penis smaller than 6 inches is successful with most partners. Again, the smaller penis can deliver better stimulation due to the ease of maneuver.

Secondly, a smaller penis is easier to blow job than those 7 inches and larger. A blowjob shouldn’t be a struggle stretching the mouth to its limit like a hungry hippo. This makes your partner more comfortable to deliver good blow jobs and often. The best blowjobs involve a lengthy period and deep throats. Bigger penises would choke the partner hence reducing your opportunity to witness your partner at their best.

Thirdly, a small penis will give you a normal life, unlike large size guys who will feel objectified and used as sex toys. In fantasy, it feels great to have a humongous size but in real life things are different. Challenges allied to jumbo-size dicks include most condoms won’t fit them, some women fear to have sex with them, their pants require special attention, they are often abused in their teenage by older women, and so on.

Can 5 Inches Satisfy My Partner?

Satisfying a woman with your 5 Inches dick isn’t rocket science. First, you have to understand that women aren’t satisfied sexually through penetrative sex alone. There are many other ways to make a woman reach cloud nine fast.

You have to understand that women’s sexual arousal is far much slower than that of men. Men are born ready. Foreplay is an essential part of the journey to making your woman feel appreciated. Engage in foreplay and concentrate on areas your woman feels comfortable being touched for arousal. Take note that not all women like fingers being shoved inside them without warning.

After foreplay, it’s time to use your 5 inches to wind up the dance. Your 5 inches is more than enough to reach critical areas of the vagina such as the clitoris, g-spot, and others. Make sure you know the direction to find each of these critical points. At this point, if you cum, she will also be in the finish line. You can also find out how you can delay ejaculations for optimal cloud nine (climax) experience for both of you.

Is a 5-inch Penis Enough?

A 5-inch penis is more than enough to satisfy a woman. However, you must follow the above-described process for the two of you to climax together. 5 inches is the most common penile size which means it is the most effective size according to creation. Otherwise, all men would be carrying 8 inches meat down there for creation to be optimal. Only 2% of men have 8 inches and more.

However, adding the size of your manhood size should be as safe as possible. There are many methods to achieve this including surgery, exercises, pills, vacuum devices, and penis extenders. The use of Penis extenders is the only verifiable safe way to add the size of your penis. There is no limit to the size you can attain but through consistent use, you are assured to add significant size to your ‘small man’.

Small Penis Sex Positions

Before we dive into the most promising sex positions with a small penis, note that the most common orgasms experienced by women are clitoral and g-spot orgasms. Master these two critical points and you are good to go. You will never go wrong even with a small size down there. Always make the foreplay count.

Modified Missionary

Skip the normal missionary by placing your pelvis-to-pelvis on her’s. Rock up and down instead of in and out first as you stimulate her clitoris. Raise her legs to brace for better penetration than would be for the normal missionary. Penetrate when she is ready to climax to stimulate her g-spot. This method makes your penis size a nonissue.

Doggy Style

This position is a banger to small penis sizes. You are in full control unlike other positions such as the missionary. It gives you an upper hand in penetration while having high chances to stimulate the clitoris and the g-spot concurrently. You can easily rub the clitoris with your hand or using assistive sex toys to leave her satisfied.

Cowgirl Position

This position requires the woman to be on top. The woman knows her sweet spots and has a high chance to stimulate them than a man would. She takes charge while the man assists if need be. This position is ideal for smaller dick sizes and both the man and woman could climax simultaneously if the process is taken correctly.

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