Is a 7 Inch Dick Big, Really Big or Just The Average Size?

“No way you’re getting that thing in me”

“This is a monstrous python cock”

“That could certainly fill me up”

These are some of the reactions that men get when their sex partners see their 7 inches dick.

For some ladies, a 7 inch penis is perfectly fine and it’s an upgrade of the 5-inch penis size that they are used to. The penis fills up really well and they can feel that there is something sturdy inside there.

However, for other ladies, a 7 inch dick is just too big to swallow. Actually, some ladies say that this penis size is almost the size of a beer bottle and it does really hurt during lovemaking.

The question that men are asking is, is a 7-inch average, really big or just too common?

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Here is the truth:

A 7-inch is above the average penis size for adult men, and men with this size are in the rarest territory.

A study by the Kinsey Institute found that 1% of dicks in the sampled population were larger than 7 inches but lower than 8 inches. According to this study, men with a 7 inch dick have a penis size that is large than approximately 91% of the male adult population.

Also, depending on the location, the 7 inch could fall into the average or a little above the average penis size. For example, adult men in Australia are endowed with a bigger manhood, and have an average penis size of 6.9 inches. That puts a 7 inch penis a little higher than the average penis size in this location.

For most ladies and gay men, the 7 inch is the dream penis size. It is big enough than the average penis size and it fills up really well. Plus, it is not really humongous to cause pain and discomfort during sex.

If you are a 7-inch guy, this does call for a celebration and you get the exclusive bragging rights to your sex partners, potential hookers and even friends that you are well endowed. Remember, this does not mean that you should go bragging. Right?

What 7-incher Men Say about Their Size

Most 7-inches men are satisfied with their penis size, because it is likely that some sex partners will never see a penis size as big as this. This penis size is in the 1% of penis sizes, and rare to find in most locations.

Here is what men on Reddit had to say about their 7-inch penis size:

I have had 4 partners, 3 of them had been with others before. The most common reaction I got was being surprised when I entered them, because I am most definitely a grower. The one that was the strangest was my first had a short vagina


I have only been with one girl and she absolutely loves it, she tells me quite often how nice of a bonus it is and such. According to her I fill her “literally 100% full”. I love this girl and her genuine enthusiasm.”


Last night i had a girl tell me I was the biggest she’s ever been with. She was begging to look at my dick after sex. I had to stop and switch positions multiple times because it hurt her too much. A few weeks back I had another girl tell me I filled her all the way up and that’s only happened to her once before. Both times girls have complimented my size. HUGE confidence booster!”


“Typically get called big or large, NY current partner was pleasantly surprised when I got naked. A different girl I was with, we had to stop early because I kept I guess going too far and it hurt her. The other 7 or so partners for PIV have made slight or no comment. Skill is more important than size though and I get commented more on skill than I do size”


“Then there was a petite girl, and I mean petite who couldn’t get over that the length was 3 of her hands stacked upon each other. But she was great in bed. The Latvian was the worst person ever she flat out refused to have sex and said it was way too big. The last one was an Italian who gave up 45minutes or so in. She had been around town plenty of times but never encountered someone like myself and she did literally say the following. “I’m sorry but you have the biggest cock I’ve ever had and I know that’s probably a compliment but I honestly cannot take it anymore.”


Ultimate Comfort

What are the Best Sex Positions for a 7-inch Penis?

The ideal sex positions for a 7-incher boils down to compatibility with your partner. If your partner is comfortable with the above average penis size, it means that she will be comfortable in any sex position you try. Be it doggy style, cowgirl sex position or legs on shoulders. If you are overweight, check these sex positions for overweight people.

If you have difficulties penetrating your partner, there is a chance that she will experience painful sex and may end up tearing up. The idea sex position in this case if the position that gives her more control on the depth of penetration so that she can adjust when the penis goes too far.

You can add sex furniture such as liberator sex pillow to make things even more comfortable for both partners. Some ideal sex positions in this case would be woman on top, cowgirl, spooning, etc.

A 7-inch Dick is my Dream Size: How Can I Get It?

If you are 5 inches or thereabouts, you can get a bigger penis with some bit of exercises. One of the methods we recommend is jelqing exercises, where you put your hands to work over a period of time. For this method to work, you need to be consistent with the exercise, and practice caution not cause harm to your manhood.

An alternative to jelqing exercises is getting a penis extender to do the trick. Rather than using your hands to do the magic, you use a clinically tested and approved penile traction device to apply pressure to the penile muscles. You must use the extender consistently for 4 to 6 hours every day for at least 5 months in order to see results. If you follow through the training, you will be on your way to a 7-inch dick.

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  1. I’m 7.25 inches and frequent sex workers. When we’re done I look at the condom wrapper they used on me and it’s always a Magnum.

    1. Donnie, You’re lucky. And huge thanks for this post to Danny.
      It’s amazing how many things exist to improve the quality of sex, such as Edstop247, viagra, cialis, etc. But there is no single working tool to enlarge the penis.

  2. Danny, great post, thanks for sharing! But a guy does not need to meet my perfect size in order to make things enjoyabIe. It’s all in how they use the tools they have. A full, hard and strong erection is a rarity nowadays, just start with this. The longer guys (over 6 inches) can be eager to show me how deep they can get, not thinking I may need more time to accept their length. I have only met one over 7 inches. It took a few times to get him to take his time, and I usually used a large dildo before he arrived just to loosen things up a little more, then had him use it, his fingers and oral before he plunged in.

  3. If that’s your only game “I have a big dick ” then no, no woman gives a damn. I have a little over 7.5″. This is not a brag, I worked for this, I did exercises for it that are easily found at this article. All everyone really needs is great erection, but there is no probs getting help for that.

    What I DO notice is that I used to be about 5.5″. I was always self-conscious about my size. Women really didn’t seem to care, but being the size I am now, it’s like a HUGE weight has been lifted off me. I take off my pants and I just don’t worry about the size of my dick anymore. So I could really care less what women think of my dick, it’s what I think of my dick that truly matters.

    1. Jelqing exercise ? How long do we need to do the exercise to see the result ? I have been doing but i see no improvement.

  4. I am 31 and have a 7.1inch (18cm) and 4.5inch girth (11.5cm) also a grower, I’ve been married for over 5 years and only had three sexual partners most recent nearly 12years I never even knew 7inch was considered big until my wife told me because I have always been self conscious and worried about my image as I’m a large guy in proportion but 6ft and stocky. The problems I’ve had is my wife is quite small 5ft 2/3 and sometimes certain positions are impossible like doggy style and just other positions that promote me to be able to insert whole penis length because hit hurts her as it hits her cervix and she has to make me do positions that allow her to control my entry direction and how much of me enters her. In general the issue my generation had growing up in the late 90s and 00s in secondary school is the porn industry that started being readily available for all for free it caused boys to become anxious about their size and appearance and caused women to expect only men with huge cocks to be able to make them happy sexually so I imagine there are probs a lot more blokes in that 7inch category that actually are just very shy and anxious and less likely to shout about it. Also it’s so not about length or girth it’s about you the person you can help a woman achieve orgasm in so many ways internal penetrative intercourse is only one of many ways and the wife can achieve multiple orgasms in different ways during a single session as I’m always willing to focus on her instead of myself and take my time I’m never impatient with her and it allows her to relax so in terms of what you can offer I wouldn’t even worry or think about how big you are compared to the average just be a good guy and happy to give as well as receive and don’t think of your penis as a excavation shovelling tool or a brute blunt instrument it’ll please few and many will just not enjoy it including yourself. Hope this comment helps anyone who may be feeling how I did for many years.

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